Pinnacle Brilliance



Brilliance is a Stellar based token that will be used within Pinnacle, an all-in-one investment app that will connect all major exchanges and brokerages into a single access point, for the first time in history.

"Pinnacle is the solution to the problem of separation of exchanges
and brokerages which has existed for 6000 years"

Roman Guelfi-Gibbs

Project leader

Roman is one of the most respected and trusted figures in crypto. He began trading at the age of 16, has traded institutional funds for several decades, and has been involved in helping new crypto traders become successful since 2013. Pinnacle will make possible his aim of bringing trading success and financial freedom to an increasing number of people. (Read more..)


David Drake

Venture capitalist, advisory board member

David Drake, through his family office LDJ Capital, has acted as GP & LP investors with his partners in fund-of-funds, realty funds, venture capital funds & hedge funds. Mr. Drake's investments currently have 50+ global directors that maintain relations with institutions & family offices with $1.5 trillion in assets. (Read more..)


Pinnacle Team

Multidisciplinary international team 

Pinnacle is currently a seventeen member international team, from a variety of vocational backgrounds. Details of the full Pinnacle team can be found elsewhere on the site, along with fuller biographies for Roman and David, and further social media links for our team.


"Our blockchain verified trading records will finally determine who can, and who cannot,
really trade - and therefore whose calls you should trust!"








No other investment platform comes close to our range of features, check out the quick primer to learn more... 


Our official Twitter account has announced our trading contest for Q3 of 2018 with a first prize of $1 million, and several smaller prizes.


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"Demand for Brilliance will be driven by a uniquely reliable form of copy trading"


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"Pinnacle will be the most advanced multi-exchange trading app ever created"


Cash is going away. It’s a statement that many would have thought impossible 10 years ago. Then Bitcoin was created in 2009. At first, the public thought it was a phase. Slowly over the next few years Bitcoin and altcoins (cryptocurrency) developed and grew in popularity and function. Now, 8 years later, it is clear that crypto-currency is more than a phase. In fact many experts believe that crypto will supplant other forms of exchange within the next two decades.

We all know that. That is why we are here. We all want to be a part of this incredible technology, for what it promises us individually and for the world. The most basic expression of our interest in this new form of monetary exchange is to own these coins/tokens and participate in their growth as a tradable digital commodity. Millions of people are learning about Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins every day. Those individuals are joining the millions of us who are already actively trading these currencies.

The entire crypto community is involved with trading in one form or another, and there are many different options to choose when trading open markets. Many investors use brokerages with staff who make the trading decisions for their clients. Most crypto people use 3rd party charting websites/apps and individual exchanges. Huge numbers of people rely on advice from trading professionals on twitter and other sites to decide how they should invest.


There are an endless number of special advice, charts, tools, and tricks a trader can use to become successful. But which tools should you use? Are there any strategies that every trader should use to be successful? Which people should you listen to? Who has the best exchange with fastest execution? Should you hold for the long term, or exit now in profit? Who’s trades should you “follow”? What kind of real track record does the trader have and can he be trusted to stay consistent? What should you do about long term investment?

There are so many options available to the modern trader that it can become overwhelming and confuse everyone, whether you are a pro or just getting started. If someone could come up with a single platform to answer all of those questions and provide the means to apply the best of that information to your trades in a consistent and successful manner, it would be the pinnacle of brilliance.

Enter Pinnacle and Brilliance.

Pinnacle is the trading and investment platform that will become your primary point of access to the growing world of crypto and CFD investment. Pinnacle will be a full featured investment platform with truly automated trading features for beginners, and the very best trading tools for professionals. This platform will revolutionize trading cryptocurrency.


* Access to every major trading exchange and ability to execute all trading functions within the platform (PC, Mac, Android and iOS)

* Fully automated arbitrage trading between all exchanges

* Copy/follow professional traders as they place trades across multiple platforms (with multi-month performance based qualification system and automated commissions)

* Extensive charting app for all exchanges with advanced AI trade pattern recognition/identification and trade setup alerts for professionals

* Pinnacle proprietary trading strategy signals (80%+ accuracy) with programmable execution for any exchange and any market

* Encrypted group messaging and monetized communications feature for professionals to offer trade recommendation subscriptions (trading strategies/tips, group based training, etc.)

* Specialized Pinnacle automated trading systems geared toward 1:1 trading of crypto and stocks with exceptionally low risk and consistent rates of return

* Portfolio Investment Management Suite to track your holdings and help you build them for the short and long term 


We think different people excel in different trading environments. If a person is not suited to the stress/pressure and fast decision making in forex, then 1:1 trading would be perfect. Especially for people who don't have a lot of time to trade.

Every single person can become a successful trader as long as they choose the trading style that fits their strengths and weaknesses.

Many people have made apps that perform parts of what PInnacle will do, but our designs and plans will go far beyond what has ever been done before.

Pinnacle will be available on PCs, Macs, and mobile phones. 


Brilliance (BRIL) is a Stellar based token that will perform a multitude of utility functions within the Pinnacle Investment Platform. Brilliance has quick block times so that users will experience blazing fast execution for trades and arbitrage. Brilliance will be the token that acts as a high speed vehicle to initiate and complete core transactions within the Pinnacle platform.

The tokens will facilitate key trading functions between exchanges and the Pinnacle platform when executing trades and investing between various coins and tokens. They will also be a payment option for “follow/copy” trading commissions, subscription service fees, transfer fees, trading bonuses (for pro traders), and tips.

After launch, Pinnacle users may purchase or sell the Brilliance utility tokens from any major crypto trading exchange.

~Roman Guelfi-Gibbs, Dec 2017

"Everyone in crypto will use Pinnacle app everyday"

Article Lounge

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Our unique features

Edward J Dale

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this should be it


Roman Guelfi-Gibbs

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Advancing to the top 10%

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The long road to Pinnacle: A history of trading

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New Year surprise!

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$1 million trading contest announced on New Year's Day.!

Demand for Brilliance

Edward J Dale

Users will buy Brilliance in order to
copy trade.

Reliable copytrading is coming

Edward J Dale

Copy trading can be a smart option. We will give you trustworthy and reliable traders to copy.

Pinnacle trading bots

Edward J Dale

We will offer a full range of bots
and indicators

Verification of trading records

Edward J Dale

Scamming new traders may soon be a thing of the past. Here's why.

Basic intro to Roman's trading systems

Roman Guelfi-Gibbs

Learn about the real reasons that markets move, and how to trade in accordance with them

Physical assets exchange

Edward J Dale

Decentralisation can mean a fairer world.

ICO legal considerations

Roman Guelfi-Gibbs

Misunderstandings abound, but ICOs are legal to run and particpate in, in all countries except China. 

Fee structure

Roman Guelfi-Gibbs

Everything will be fee
free or low fee

Brilliance utility, and why we preferred stellar to ethereum

Edward J Dale

Stellar's properties mean Brilliance is one of the clearest examples of a utility token in crypto.

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"In reality anyone can make money through trading markets, they just need the right tools"

Project Leader

Roman Guelfi-Gibbs

Project Leader, Trading Strategist

Roman started his trading career at the age of 16, when he became apprentice to a forex and commodities trader. He spent many years as a student, learning how to trade and build his own trading style. It was in the late 80s that he begun to develop a new way of predicting the movements that markets make. Using some of WD Gann’s writings as reference material, he started the market cycle research project that would continue until the present day. In the mid 90s, he worked with professional traders (using Tradestation) to create and perfect automated trading algorithms that had consistently high rates of return. In 1996, he began to professionally manage trading accounts for multiple clients. Looking for a change of pace, Roman decided to become a law enforcement officer in the late 90s. He worked as a Deputy Sheriff from 1999 thru 2005, while continuing to actively manage clients trading accounts.

In 2005, he decided to take a break from both careers and focus on his cycle research. It was at this time that he distilled the research into a complete trading strategy which he called Perpertual Sequence Forecasting (PSF). Roman went back to actively trading in 2006 and creating effective strategies that employed fractals, cycles, and movement patterns. In 2012 he learned of Bitcoin. Right away he began trading the new market and accumulating BTC. He also started building rigs and mining altcoins. He published multiple successful ebooks on Amazon that taught users how to setup their Radeon video cards to mine efficiently. In 2014, he created a trading group within the crypto community that had high standards of respect and solid performance. He taught beginners how to trade, and helped experienced traders apply new strategies to increase their win rates. Roman has posted a simplified PSF prediction demo on Twitter focusing on BTC since 2014. His group, Whale Watchers continues to this day with over 3 successful years of service. In 2015 he created an additional strategy to compliment PSF, which he called Unified Lunar Key (ULK). Using PSF, ULK, and sound trading methods, a person can obtain win rates above 80%. Through the years of research and practical application, he kept extensive notes about an application that would change trading for everyone.

In 2017, Roman gathered a team of professional software engineers and web designers to make that application a reality. That application is Pinnacle. He plans on working for years to expand and improve Pinnacle to be the very best trading application available to the public. During the years spent teaching people how to trade, he couldn’t help but notice the average trader struggled with consistency. Pinnacle was created to solve that problem once and for all. Beginners and professionals can find consistent success when using Pinnacle. It’s his goal to help everyone to become a successful trader, not just the top 10%. He wants to give traders the freedom to escape from their desks and enjoy their lives.

Pinnacle will make all of that possible.


Advised By

David Drake

Venture Capitalist, Advisory Board Member

David Drake, through his family office LDJ Capital, has acted as GP & LP investors with his partners in fund-of-funds, realty funds, venture capital funds & hedge funds. Mr. Drake's investments currently have 50+ global directors that maintain relations with institutions & family offices with $1.5 trillion in assets.

Mr. Drake’s family office manages & co-invests in alternative assets with the top 30 family offices out of his 5000 family office & institutional investor reach. These top 30 are 40% from Asia, 20% from Europe, 20% from the Americas, & 30% from the Middle East.

Mr. Drake’s access with 100,000 investors is maintained through his media asset, The Soho Loft Media Group, which has produced & sponsored over 1100+ finance conferences since 2002 like the events with institutional media leader Thomson Reuters & sponsors from Nasdaq, NYSE, KKR, & the Carlyle Group.

LDJ Special Situations partners have invested $100 Million in Alibaba & Palantir.

LDJ Real Estate strategy is set to acquire Class A core rental properties & hotels.

Mr. Drake is a digital automation advocate for private equity as he lobbied the US Congress on the JOBS Act since 2011 He represented the US Commerce Department at the EU Commission in Brussels & Rome in 2012, was invited to the White House Champions of Change ceremony in Washington, D.C., &, was a speaker at the UK Parliament in 2013.

Privately, Mr. Drake has hosted the Harvard Business Club at his NY home, produced Carnegie Hall concerts, & raised funds for the charity Best Buddies for years. March 2015 he joined the NYC Opera Board while a board advisor for The Washington Ballet. These allowed him to work & advise US Ambassadors from Sweden, Ukraine, Marshall Islands & Luxembourg.

Born in Sweden & fluent in six languages, Mr. Drake has an MBA in Finance & an MA in International Law & Economics from George Washington University in DC where he was awarded the Wallenberg Scholarship for academic merit.


Matt Reed - @DJThistle01

Trading Strategist, Project Advisor

Matt Reed (Twitter's DJThistle01) is one of the most popular and best known crypto Twitter personalities, and one of Twitter’s most reliable chartists. He moderates several public and private crypto telegram groups, has won or placed highly in multiple trade competitions, and is the main contributing author to His custom trading strategies and market analyses have been helpful sources for both new and experienced traders for years.

Aside from trading, Matt has enjoyed a successful career as a DJ and audio engineering instructor.


Colbert Low

Project advisor

Colbert Low is the first Certified Bitcoin Professional in Malaysia, by the international standards governing body, Cryptocurrency Certification
Consortium (C4).

He is the Founder of, the largest local private membership club for bitcoin since 2013, and has been featured in various mastheads including Business Times Singapore, Inc. Southeast Asia, and The Edge.

He also serves as Vice Secretary of Access Blockchain Association of Malaysia, the industry association that interfaces with regulatory authorities and also the founder of Celebrus Advisory, a blockchain technology consulting firm.


"Very few crypto traders have an active retirement plan in place,  our retirement planning
and management module will take care of this for you."

Development Leads

Alex Roganov

Custom trading indicator lead, platform coder

Alex is a coder and graphic designer who has previously worked with the Whale Watchers trading group. He has coded successful custom indicators designed to provide visual tracking of the market in relation to prespecified market cycles defined by some of Roman’s studies, over time scales ranging from large multi-year cycles which define major bull and bear markets, to monthly and weekly swing trades, to minor intraday oscillations happening several times per trading session which are best tracked on the 15 minute time frame. Alex’s career has taken him across the Atlantic, having graduated from the IT department of Saint Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics in Russia before settling in the United States. He first learned about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in 2013  and ran several mining rigs, before switching to studying and developing trading strategies.

Edward J Dale

Project manager, development strategy lead

Ed is an author and programmer who has contributed to academic research in fields as diverse as psychology, computation, and religion. He began work on neural network simulations as an undergraduate, and contributed to the coding and implementation of motion parallax studies in dynamic complex systems theory at the University of Warwick using virtual reality. Since then he has followed parallel interests in psychology and computer science. In the mid-2000s he worked on studies at the University of Kent on the development of children’s understanding of moral values. He is the author of a highly acclaimed book on human development, has served on numerous academic journal panels and remains on the editorial board of the University of Maine’s Journal of Mind and Behavior. His psychology work on coordination of religious perspectives has been influential on United Nations advisors creating policy aimed at solving interreligious conflict (continue reading...)



Max Späth

Algorithmic trading lead, platform coder

Max specialises in backend coding tasks and is especially interested in the development of trading bots. He has had a strong interest in computer technology since childhood. Max is a former employee of IPMotion GmbH in Gießen where he helped developing various features of the mobile router using C++, and of CN-Consult GmbH, where he helped develop the DiLoc Project information technology platform for passenger and freight transport which is used by various train companies. Max is a director of the Germany information technology company EDVService Späth. He first bought bitcoin in 2012.


Kuki Queue

Graphics and motion graphics lead

Kuki Queue is an accomplished digital artist with experience in the New York art and advertising world. She will be partnering with us to develop the visual aspects of our website, desktop and mobile apps, including graphics, videos and animation.


Niall Gowanlock

Software architecture lead, platform coder

Niall has a background in programming and microprocessor design and has an in-depth knowledge of Windows and Linux. He spent part of his early career working on signature control solutions for Barclays as part of a migration team evolving traditional bank mandates to the modern internet based systems we all use today. Since then he has worked for the best part of a decade in IT management at Astute Ltd, and in freelance contexts at a national level on projects with blue chip IT and telecoms companies. He is well conversed working with management standards such as ISO 270001 and with industry leading IT security practices. Niall has a keen interest in philanthropy and does charitable work in the UK and internationally. He has been involved in cryptocurrency since 2012, building crypto mining systems.


Zach Holmes

Mobile app development lead, platform coder 

Zach is a sought-after coder, known in the trading world for the creation of high-quality and useful applications, including zTrader, which has over 50,000 downloads. He has created both centralised and decentralised trading apps, and has worked previously on projects with members of our team. We are delighted to welcome Zach as a recent addition, where he will be the lead mobile app developer and contribute to the coding of the desktop app.


Development Team

Leo Cicconi

Crypto exchange engineer, platform coder


Andrew Nassar

IoT entrepeneur, thought leader, and multinational company director


Adrian Keyha

Forex trader specialising in geometrical chart patterns. Fx-Nature administrator.


Denis Muhuri

Affiliate marketing


Jean-Baptiste Perié

International and corporate business strategist


Christian Nishioka

IT engineer, platform coder 


Jesse Schrein

Trader and business manager

Erik Edwards

Trader, entrepeneur, and business leader

Omer Bndean

Business advisor to the Middle East